My Next Steps are:

  1. Regain WebCEO functionality. I decided that I'd add WebCEO to my wifes computer and have her manage her own domain. After adding it to her PC, my version stopped working. I speculate that this is related to the some kind of contact through WebCEO's server - having two domains running off the same software. In any case, the home and company site need this software to be optomized, and it's important that the sites can be delegated to the appropriate parties.
  2. Convert site building to a PC resident program. Currently paying 1&1 $10/ month for "SiteBuilder Plus". Sitebuilder plus is a scam. It does nothing but give you the abilty to add in your own code, but still doesn't accept Java to do do GoogleAdsense ads.
  3. Move this domain ( to A URL recently purchased to support it. The URL I'm currently working off of belongs to 1&1 - does no good to build their well being.
  4. Have my wife sift through her Affiliate programs, and find the ones she would prefer.
  5. Use WebCEO to obtomize keywords and compare competition on and
  6. Optomize the site, and submit to search engines with Web CEO.