1Capacity to Retire at Age 50 or sooner, April 24 2020
 - Own Primary Dwelling Outright
 - Passive Income Investments provide Income of $5K per month
 - Secondary Income Source (see below)
2Have a Secondary Income Source capable of covering Monthly Expenses by June 30, 2008
 - Monthly Expenses Currently $3K / Month
 - Source is work from home, Flexible Hours, Growth Potential, w/ Legacy Potential
3Own Real Estate for Retirement
 - Own a New Home in Ladue Schools in St. Louis
 - Own a second home in California
4Grow BWCo into a World Power
 - Increase Revenues to $60M / year
 - Service Global Brewing Market
 - Create Jobs and Opportunity 
 - Better the lives of those we touch
5Be a good person
 - Stay Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally Fit
 - Put Family First
 - Treat others as I'd like to be Treated
 - Smile, laugh, and enjoy the journey
6Give Back in Retirement
 - Study life itself
 - Teach?
 - Stay Active
 - Smile, laugh, and enjoy the journey
 - Build in the Turks